Our module-based knowledge transfer focuses on the different target groups within a company in order to provide companies with the best possible support in knowledge transfer in the field of crypto banking and digital assets. Accordingly, we now cover the following areas for you with our extended offer:

Basic knowledge for all employees
→ CCFE e-learning
Basic knowledge with in-depth knowledge and exchange of experiences for selected employees (client advisors, investment management team, legal & compliance officer, product manager, business & development employees)
→ CCFE course (physical or digital)
Subject-specific specializations
→ CCFE Advanced (coming soon)
Individual training for executives and board members
→ CCFE Executive

The CCFE e-learning program

CCFE e-learning is a customizable online-based learning platform for your employees. The tailor-made program provides fundamentals on Bitcoin and altcoins, blockchain, crypto assets in a portfolio context and asset tokenization. The important questions of Regulation & Compliance (KYC/AML) or safe custody are also dealt with.

We support companies and organizations in planning, creating and providing the platform, which can then be used by employees for internal training. With our experience and the latest content on crypto banking, we are the ideal partner and provider to train your employees internally in an efficient, targeted and practice-oriented manner.

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